The PhotoShop Content Aware Fill Demo

This might be the most impressive demo I’ve ever seen for a PhotoShop feature. It’s from a PhotoShop team member showing off a feature that will be available in the upcoming PhotoShop CS5. It’s called “content aware fill” and can basically take ANYTHING out of a photo. It’s like an eraser with a brain.

Just imagine – you breakup with  your girlfriend or boyfriend and instantly remove him or her from every photo ever…or as the demo shows, you can easily remove trees from scenery as if they were never there.

3 Responses

  • I saw this demo yesterday and was absolutely blown away. If this feature ends up working as well as it does in the demo video, it will definitely push Photoshop closer to being worth the money we have to spend to get it.

    I already have about 15 ideas for instances where this type of feature could be extremely useful.

    • Allen

      agree – it’s pretty dang sweet

  • design dude

    Wow, photoshop is king, and with this new option content aware, they are going to leave the competition even more far behind.