Twitoaster Has Been Unplugged

Last week on the official Twitoaster blog, it was announced that the service would be shutting down almost immediately (as of March 20). Sadly, I have used the Twitoaster plugin on multiple WordPress installations because of its ease of use. It was  great tool allowing WordPress posts to be pushed to Twitter automatically, and came with the added benefit of tracking when a blog post was tweeted (it even went as far as to allow you to automatically publish those tweets as comments on your posts).

If you have been using the Twitoaster WordPress plugin, you will need to seek out another solution, unfortunately. Since I just heard this news, I have not yet had a chance to investigate other avenues; but I’ll be sure to post here if I find any good ones.

If you’re aware of any other services that offer similar features for WordPress, please share them.