Some Jolly Christmas Gifts

In the spirit of the holidays, here are some fun items to play with while you’re waiting for Santa to drop in.

1) OfficeMax and JibJab have teamed up to offer you the “ElfYourself” application. ElfYourself is similar to Gizmoz, but a little less intuitive (it doesn’t really analyze the photo, nor does it turn it into a 3-D image) and a little more fun. You simply upload your photo and, after a few steps, ElfYourself turns it into a funny, holiday-themed video.

With ElfYourself, you can actually add up to five different photographs, so you can add your friends and/or family to the fun.

JibJab is also offering some fun sendable Christmas e-cards on its main site.

2) In addition to JibJab, Gizmoz is offering some special backgrounds and decorations for their standard characters. You can pop on over there and add your face to “The Christmas Boogie”.

Just for fun, here are the videos I created with my own image. I hope you enjoy them.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

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