Russia Gets a New Holiday: Programmer’s Day

Here in the U.S we have lots of holidays for different professions. Now I’ve learned that Russia has created a holiday for developers and programmers in the country called “Programmer’s Day”. Svetlana over at Profy who lives in Russia has all of the details on the new holiday.

Svetlana notes, “The bill was prepared following the request from a Russian software developer last Autumn (the holiday is celebrated on the 256th day of each year, i.e. on September 12 or 13 depending on whether this is leap year or not). The idea is that the profession is becoming more and more important in Russia given that the IT industry is supposed to offer a significant contribution to the overall economy of Russia in the future as the politics now is to refocus from natural resources-oriented industries to high tech.”

Apparently the bill hasn’t been signed yet but my bet is it will be. Let’s hope President Obama follows suit and provides U.S. techies with a free day off. Now let’s see how will we spend that day off? Fixing servers, fixing code, pissing away the day on IRC or one of the new social services for sure!