How To Remove Hover Text on Bing

The new Bing search engine shows text excerpts when you mouse over search results. Frankly it can be troublesome and many publishers will want to remove this option. If you would like to remove the hover text within bing, you need to add the following META tag to your head area on any/all pages you want the hover text removed for.

<meta name=”robots” content=”nopreview”>

2 Responses

  • It’s good to know how to turn this feature off, but think carefully before you decide.

    Bing presents this information so that users can make a more informed decision before clicking on a link. This saves time and can help avoid “destination disappointment”.

    For me, I love this feature because I now get a better sense of where I’m about to go. All search engines should have this feature so users can avoid those made-for-advertising spam sites.

    If a site was to disable this feature, I’d would they have something to hide and probably avoid it unless it was from a trusted domain.

  • Andrew

    If the hover feature worked after the cursor “rested” over the link for, say, a half-second or so, I’d agree it’s useful. But the goddam thing activates even when the cursor is rapidly swept across the Bing icon. So anytime I’m moving the cursor around a webpage, if the cursor touches the Bing thing for even a nanosecond, those goddam Bing info boxes pop up. It could NOT be more aggravating. THAT’S why I’m going to remove it.