Now, That’s an Annoying CAPTCHA

RapidShare CAPTCHAI use RapidShare, occasionally to share files back and forth between friends. I never felt it warranted to pay for the service, as, if I really got hard up, I could always just give those friends FTP accounts on one of my servers. However, being that I’ve never paid for a RapidShare subscription, I’ve always had to deal with their CAPTCHA scripts.

Over the last few months, they’ve “upgraded” their CAPTCHAs a few times. The most recent upgrade has made the CAPTCHA nigh impossible to decipher in many cases. I find myself having to try two or three times before finally getting the code right.

I’ve posted a screen shot of one of the CAPTCHAs they’re using on RapidShare so that you can see if you agree with me. The point of the CAPTCHA is this: they’ve included eight random characters in the image. Four of those characters have a picture of a cat, and the other four have a picture of something that looks a heck of a lot like that cat. You have to figure out which four have the real picture of the cat, and type those into the box.

It should be noted that the screen shot I’ve included has not been altered or resized.  That is exactly what the CAPTCHA looks like on screen.

One Response

  • Louis

    Been there and done that. You are so right. Your comments made me laugh! Felt like you were reading my mind. It is very annoying and as you stated alot of them look like a cat, sometimes it’s hard to figure out due to the placement in the letter.