Neat Feature in New Opera Installer

I opened up my copy of Opera today in order to print a Web page (in case you are not aware, Opera is fantastic for printing Web sites that don’t print properly in IE and Mozilla). When I opened it up, I was told there was a new version of Opera and I was asked if I wanted to download and install. I, of course, said yes.

After downloading the package and beginning to install it, I encountered a nice feature that I’ve not seen in any software installer before.

Opera asked me if I wanted to upgrade, or if I wanted this to be a separate install.

With a lot of software, I wouldn’t really see a point in this type of dialog. However, with Web browsers (as I’ve shown with two of my previous blog entries – Entry 1 | Entry 2), this could be invaluable. Let’s just hope that Firefox, IE and Safari begin building this type of function into their automatic updates.

Obviously we wouldn’t need this type of functionality built into minor version updates, etc. but it would be really nice to see it available in major milestone releases.

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