Larry Mondry???

Over the past 3-4 years, I get mail at the Post Office box for Larry Mondry. It shows him as the “Chief Oper” of So who is Larry Mondry?

Ok – finally after all this time, receiving about 40-60 pieces of mail for Larry Mondry, I decided to have a looksee as to whom he is. Larry appears to be the CEO of Compusa. So why is he now also the Chief Oper for

I went on a hunt… ok not really a hunt, just some searches. It appears that on a press release we posted about Adobe and Compusa working together, it lists Larry Mondry’s name.

I will be calling the companies who send us these pieces of mail to have Larry’s name removed.

Larry if you are out there and are interested in pro-bono work, please contact us.

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  • CUSA

    He might be now…he just resigned from CompUSA.