Is IE browser domination over?

So I had a look at the browser stats for for the last week. Interesting results were found…

Ok, I understand that most of our traffic comes from web developers who tend to hate IE. I remember a time when our traffic was 90% IE and 10% Netscape (ok I am dating myself now).

Check out the graph below from Google Analytics showing our browser traffic for the last week. It is basically split evenly between IE and FIrefox. Click the image to view a larger version.

internet explorer vs. firefox traffic
Click to view the large image

3 Responses

  • Wow. I am very impressed. I wish the web-wide stats would be that impressive for Firefox.

    As you said, this is a web devver site, so obviously Firefox users are going to be a lot more prevalent than the rest of the web, but it’s still impressive to see almost as many Firefox users as IE users.

    I’m also impressed to see that Opera makes up almost 5% of the browsers used to visit this site.

  • Looking at the stats from my little blog, IE’s days are not over yet. Still the majority of people (~80%) use it.

    Firefox comes in second though. The rest is neglectable.

  • Maybe I should post weekly to see if there are changes… would be a nice little online chart :)

    just a thought…