Give Me Your Ideas, Get Google Wave Invites

Google-Wave-1I currently have a total of almost 50 Google Wave invitations available, and I’d like to give them away to our readers. All I’m asking in return is for you to post a comment telling me what kinds of tutorials and articles you’d like to see on HTMLCenter. It’s as simple as that. I’m always looking for ideas on what articles and tutorials I should be writing. What better place to ask than right here on the blog?

It should be noted that it can take Google anywhere from two to six weeks to actually send out the invitation once you’ve been “nominated,” so please be patient once you post your comment. Also, please be sure to provide your real email address in the “email” field when posting your comment. Otherwise, I won’t be able to send the invitation to you.

4 Responses

  • Allen

    wow 50 invites! i just got an invite a couple of weeks ago – i did one wave with a friend – we did it for 5 minutes and then went back to skype haha

  • Parimal

    You can write about how to make apps for the google wave!!

  • Peter B. Duda

    Anyone who doesnt want to post a comment just ask me for a google wave invite …

  • Boeing

    can you invite me? i really like google wave but i cant get it! okay, i would like to see navigations’ tutorials! you could teach us how to make our blog or website navigational! Actually, asking at blog is good too! :D hope i help you and you can help me back! :D