Friendfeed Fail

Amid much conversation about whether or not Friendfeed has a future and how it’s supposedly being abandoned in droves, I’ve experienced the first major failure of the service since I started using it (thanks to @holdenpage) a few months ago. The service has been down for at least 30 minutes at the time of writing this post. Despite Paul Buchheit (one of the creators of Friendfeed) posting about server upgrades and potential updates over the last few weeks, attempting to load Friendfeed results in a standard timeout error.

I can’t help but wonder if this outage has anything to do with the fact that some Friendfeed features were unveiled on Facebook earlier this week (the new “Live Feed”). I’m hoping it’s just a random outage, but am not holding my breath. I have come to love and appreciate the community over at Friendfeed, and would hate to see the service die such an unceremonious death.

Here’s to Friendfeed, and hoping it comes back soon. Until then, I guess I’ll have to find something in real life to keep me occupied.

4 Responses

  • Idk if you have noticed this as well Curtiss, but FF has been pushing out a lot more errors as of late. Every time FriendFeed goes down I get just a tad worried that it won’t come back.

    Let’s face it. FriendFeed can’t grow exponentially, Facebook won’t allow it


    Glad it’s back though :)

  • Yay! Friendfeed has returned.

    • Allen

      i hope you were able to use the downtime wisely lol

      • Well, I spent part of the time writing this post. Other than that, I really didn’t get much done at all. Spent a little extra time on Twitter.