Coding With CodeIgniter

I’ve been coding away at my new startup CloudContacts for a good bit now and I’ve found that using the CodeIgniter PHP framework has been great. I’ve always been able to edit PHP code pretty well but starting an application from scratch has been a struggle. I watched a few CodeIgniter videos and was off. There are many libraries and downloadable code across the Web which helps even more as you build the app.

What’s great is that you can combine straight PHP code with CodeIgniter bits. I certainly am no expert but I think I have the basics down.

Except for Java, I can typically edit any code in most languages. Now I feel even more excited to be able to begin the application process. My belief has always been that every entrepreneur needs to understand, at least, enough code to discuss the application and more importantly decide which language to use for the application.

Hats off to my friend Jimmy who spent the good part of a day teaching me some of the more advanced features in CodeIgniter. I will provide more updates as I learn more with CodeIgniter.

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