Coding My Weekends Away

As promised in the last installment, here is an update on what I’ve been doing over the last few weekends.

Two weekends ago, I spent almost the entire weekend coding the CMS that I’ve been very slowly chipping away at for the last year or so. I actually got a great deal of coding done. I applied my newfound knowledge of PHP object-oriented programming (OOP) to create a “user” class rather than trying to fiddle around with a lot of arrays and cookies and stuff.

If I can get two or three more weekends to do that much programming, I should be able to put together an actual release of my CMS and start using it on some production sites.

Then, last weekend, I spent all weekend upgrading the forums on my Web site. As mentioned in an earlier post, YaBB 2.2 has been released. Because we have had some issues with our Web host, I had previously moved our forums from one server to another. I figured that it made sense to move our forums back to their original location while I was upgrading to Y2.2. Unfortunately, though, the combination of my slow connection and the overwhelming number of files made for a very long weekend of sitting around and watching files download and upload to and from my various servers.

Anyway, that’s about all I spent my time on over the last few weekends. Hopefully I’ll have more good news updates in the near future.