Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML

This book is great for beginners! If you have never seen HTML or CSS, this book is for you. Even if you know a little bit of HTML, and how to make a very basic website, this book will clarify a lot of things, that are usually harder to learn.

The thing about this book that I liked the most is that it is extremely simple to read, and understand. It was written, so people who have no experience of making a website. You could give this to a 10 year old kid, and by the time they finish the book, they would have a very good understanding on how things work.

The book starts out basically explaining what the book is about, and what the tools that you will be using are. It explains, in depth, what a web browser is, what text editor you should use. The thing I thought that was really cool, is that it breaks down what tools you can use, for both Mac, and Windows computers. It tells you about image editors, and text editors that will make making a website easy as pie.

Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML

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From there the author slowly introduces code to create a web page. It comes at you at a nice pace, and it’s really easy to keep up with. By the end of chapter 2, you will have created a very basic web page.

Then right after it introduces it introduces CSS. This in my opinion is the way to learn how to make a website. If you learn HTML, and CSS separately, your skillset will be incomplete, and you will have a lot of holes to fill. If you learn then at the same time, you’re building a great foundation for your future in building websites.

In the later chapters the book explains how to get your website online, how to make your website into a blog, and how to add other cool things to your creation. Then in the very back (appendix A), the book has a huge reference for all of your xHTML needs. It includes every tag that you will ever need to use, and tells you how to use it, and goes pretty in depth with it.

So if you’re looking for a book to learn HTML, this is your book! If you know a little bit of HTML, and how to make a basic website, this is also a book for you, it will strengthen your skillset, and you will be able to read through and learn all the new stuff much faster. Now, if you’re a web designer who knows a lot about xHTML, and CSS, then you wont need to touch this book, unless you’re trying to teach someone else how to use HTML and CSS.

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Jake Dahn


Excellent beginner book, covers both HTML and CSS

One thing that may bother people, is that if you dive right in, there’s a lot of grey code boxes, and it’s can be easy to get lost

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Worth the purchase!