Animoto – Punch Up Your Slideshows

I came across a very cool site the other day called Animoto. Animoto is a very neat application that allows you to create animated slideshows with your photographs. You can upload as many photographs as you want. You can then choose background music from the library on the Animoto server, or you can upload your own music to use in the background of your slideshow.

Somehow, the Animoto application automatically picks up on the beat and rhythm of your background music, and animates the photographs to go along with it.

It does a pretty decent job, and makes the slideshow rather interesting. You can create as many 30-second slideshows as you want without having to pay anything. If you want to create longer slideshows, then you have to sign up for a premium account.

Pop on over to Animoto and give it a try. It’s incredibly easy to use.