An Odd Coincidence

I checked all of my Analytics accounts earlier today and discovered a very strange coincidence. No one visited any of my Web sites yesterday.

I am fully aware of the reason that no one visited the first site shown below. Our server died around 11:30 p.m. EDT on Saturday and was not fixed until around the same time on Sunday evening.

However, I have no idea why our numbers committed suicide on my other two sites yesterday. As far as I am aware, the servers on which each of those two sites reside were both functioning as well as usual, yesterday. Oddly enough, though, on all three sites, we slid from an average of anywhere between 250-1,000 visitors per day all the way down to 1-10 visitors yesterday.

As I said before, it is a very strange coincidence, especially since all three sites reside on three completely separate servers.

To prove my claims of our Kamikaze analytics, here are the screenshots from each account:

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One Response

  • Allen Stern

    Curtiss – I am hearing reports that GA is down – that might be the cause.