An Interesting Predicament

For the last month or two, I have been doing some side work updating a Web site and adding a few new features to it. The problem is, however, that I can’t visit the site from my home computer. Somewhere along the way, my connection to the site seems to be blocked.

I can access the FTP and mail ports of the server, but I cannot access the Web site through my browser. The interesting thing is, I can access the site through anonymous proxies, like Zend2. Unfortunately, though, those proxies add inline advertisements to any site you visit, and it’s extremely difficult to clear the cache of the proxy.

So, I’m basically flying blind throughout much of my work on this site.

I’m curious if anyone else has ever had to deal with anything like this.

I’ve spent hours dealing with the customer service departments for the Web host and my Internet Service Provider, and have yet to get any real satisfaction. I, at least, felt like my ISP was trying to help me out, while I got nothing but excuses and blame-shifting from GoDaddy (the Web host). However, I have still not been able to figure out which of those services is blocking me from accessing the site.