A Sad Day for HigherEd Blog Entertainment

For those of us involved in higher education Web development, there was a bastion of great entertainment that always put a humorous spin on the drudgery of dealing with committees and procrastination. That site was known as “Tales From Redesignland” and was a semi-regular Web comic based on the real experiences of some Web professionals in higher education.

Sadly, the owner of the site, Tony Dunn, has made the decision to shut it down. As his team moves deeper into the redesign process, there was concern that his comics might distract from the matters at hand (which, after all, was what it was meant to do).

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed every post I read on the site and will be very sad not to see any more updates. I sincerely hope someone picks up and puts a new spin on the same idea. There is just too much comedy gold in this whole process not to have somebody make light of it.

For Tony Dunn and the rest of the team involved with TFRL, you will be missed. I hope you will at least keep the site up for a while so that others can see the great work you’ve done.