A Nice Alternative To WeatherBug

An online friend of mine has written a new program called “WeatherUnbug”. Here are his notes about the release:
“Here’s a small alternative to WeatherBug without all the bundled junk. It currently only works for cities in the United States but I may update it for cities in outer countries.”

I have personally never used WeatherBug, so I don’t know what all of the annoyances are (although I seem to remember there being some sort of adware or spyware attached to it), but I did just install WeatherUnbug, and am very impressed.

Here is a screenshot of the program when it’s maximized:

This program is also open-source, as is all of fackue’s software. So, if any of you programmers out there feel like improving upon the idea, go right ahead, just be sure to read any license that he may choose to attach to the source or executable.

While you’re on his site, you should also check out some of the other useful miscellaneous programs he’s written. He has a “Time Alerter”, which appears to be a very simple alarm clock/timer for your computer, capable of playing basically any sound file you choose as the alarm/alert. I have also asked him to upload a program he wrote for me, called PhotoOrg. PhotoOrg is a neat little program that simply organizes all of the photos in a single folder.

If you’re anything like me, you generally don’t download your digital pictures from your camera to your computer until your memory card is almost full. Then, once you’ve downloaded them, you’re stuck with a directory full of pictures that were taken on seven or eight different days. How do you organize them? Well, for me, in the past, it meant I had to look at each picture, figure out when it was taken, and then create a new directory for that date or event. PhotoOrg, however, automatically reads the meta data from each picture, and creates a new directory for each “origination” date. Then, it moves all of the photos into the appropriate folders.

Like I said, I’ve asked him to upload that little gem as well. Hopefully he’ll get it up there, soon.

Anyway, in case you missed the link at the beginning of my post, his web site can be found here.

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