Earlier this week, I missed Fringe when it aired on Fox on Tuesday night. I decided I would try to catch up by checking it out on Hulu. Unfortunately, that was a disaster for me.

About 30 seconds into the video, it started skipping terribly, playing for about a second, then pausing for two or three, then playing another second or two, then pausing for another two to four seconds. I can only assume that the problem is due to my satellite Internet connection.

I wish there was a lower-quality resolution I could select on Hulu. It seems they only have two options, and both are too heavy-duty for my Internet connection.

I did find that, if I paused the video for about 15 minutes, I could watch it for about five or ten minutes before it would start skipping again, but that meant that it would take me about two and a half hours to watch a 40 minute video. I really wasn’t enthused by that proposition.

Still, I’m giving it a shot to see if I can make it without pulling my hair out.

On a side note, I am also a bit disappointed to see that Hulu doesn’t offer subtitles/closed captioning for their videos (at least, not for Fringe).