HTMLCenter helps many web and mobile web developers to learn and improve their knowledge.

We have published many tutorials, articles and books. We write about HTML, HTML5 frameworks, JavaScript, Javascript frameworks, Cordova / PhoneGap and other practical web development technologies. HTMLCenter tutorials and books are easy to understand, practical and applicable to everyday work web developers do.

Occasionally we accept articles about innovative and experimental web technologies.

Writing for HTMLCenter

We are always looking for web and mobile web development professionals who are passionate about writing and sharing knowledge with other developers.

We pay good rates for a quality content. And we give our writers online platform to build their audience and reader following. We have a home page for HTMLCenter contributors and their profiles.

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Content Requirements for writers

HTMLCenter readers expect practical examples in all tutorials. They are looking to improve existing web development skills and learn the new ones.

Tutorials have to follow the step by step  how-to flow with a clear explanation of the proposed implementation. Each tutorial (or tutorial series) have to leave readers with fully working solution or implementation. We encourage authors to share tutorial sample code on code sharing sites like GitHub, CodePen, JSFiddle and others.