Why Are Most Groups So Inactive?

First, I have to admit that I only actively visit two social networking sites. However, I’ve noticed that all of the groups I’ve joined on either of those two sites never seem to have any activity. It seems that only once a month, if that, someone starts a new topic or responds to an existing topic.

I’m sure that it must just be the groups to which I belong, but it really is disheartening to post a query on which you’re looking for some input and end up getting diddly for responses.

Are you a member of any really active groups on the social networking sites you frequent? If so, are they specific niche groups, or are they something we might all be interested in? What are they?

2 Responses

  • Interesting, the groups on friendfeed are actually very active, so much so that I am thinking of leaving them since I can’t keep up

  • That is interesting. I haven’t checked out FriendFeed, but I might at least visit to see what it’s all about.