New York Times Launches an API Tool

New York Times developer Nick Thuesen has announced the launch of the first API tool from the NYT. Nick notes, “With this tool, you can experiment with Times APIs without writing a single line of code. Select parameters on the left, and view the resulting request and response on the right.”

The basic idea is that rather than figuring out the right API code to write, this new API tool will allow you to do it by using a variety of pulldown menus and text prompts. The code/result is provided which can then be modified as needed to work with your application.

Checkout the API tool here: and all of the NYT API offerings.

TopStyle Acquired by Stefan van As

TopStyle founder Nick Bradbury has announced that the TopStyle app has been acquired by WIndows developer Stefan van As. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. I’ve never really used TopStyle that much – it always came bundled with the HomeSite install but I can’t say I’ve spent a lot of time with the app. It’s interesting to learn today when I checked out the TopStyle site that a full, robust HTML/CSS client is available.

Apparently Stefan is already hard at work on the next version of TopStyle which includes: Unicode support, “Live” FTP editing and extensible toolbuttons. Nick says he will remain around to help Stefan as he moves forward with the application.

Mobile Web Standards Announced

James over at JKontherun has the news about the launch of mobile Web standards by the W3C. James notes, “The new standards look to not only create enjoyable mobile browsing experiences but also to insure that folks with disabilities can benefit from the mobile web.” Check out our mobile and handheld usability article. Here’s the release:

W3C Standards Make Mobile Web Experience More Inviting

New Work Started on Mobile Web Application Guidelines

29 July 2008 — W3C today announced new standards that will make it easier for people to browse the Web on mobile devices. Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0, published as a W3C Recommendation, condenses the experience of many mobile Web stakeholders into practical advice on creating mobile-friendly content.