Embed YouTube Videos With Valid Code

If you’ve ever tried to embed a YouTube video on your Web site, you may have noticed that the code they provide is not valid XHTML. I came across two blog posts today while doing some research that offer some alternative code that allows you to post YouTube videos on your site with valid code. Check them out if you are thinking of posting videos on your site or even your blog.

An Interesting Tidbit About W3C’s Validators

I found out something interesting about the W3C validator services yesterday while working on some code. I wanted to find a way to dynamically validate my pages, so that I didn’t put a validity notice on the page if it wasn’t valid.

While validating one of my pages, I decided to check the response headers returned by the W3C validator engine, just on a whim, to see if there was anything in there that might tell me whether or not my page was valid.

What do you know? Not only is it spelled out in very plain English, the header also tells you how many errors and warnings were returned by the engine if the page wasn’t valid.