ObjectDock – Add a Dock/Toolbar to Windows 7

A few weeks ago, I bought Windows 7 and installed it on my computer at home. After installing, I started trying to organize things the way I want them. On all of my computers, one of the first things I do is to move the taskbar to the top of the screen and create a quicklaunch toolbar docked at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, after a lot of playing around and a lot of research online, I found there was no way to do that; until I discovered ObjectDock.

Wibiya Goes Public

Wibiya is a startup that offers a really cool and useful toolbar for your Web sites. For quite a while, Wibiya has been in private beta, allowing users to sign up and receive invitation codes to try it out. Today, however, Wibiya went public, allowing anyone to sign up for the service.

The toolbar offers quite a few cool features, including the ability to translate your site into various languages, a search engine, a Twitter app (to allow users to see what you’ve said on Twitter and to see what people have said about you on Twitter – including any posts that include links back to your site), a Facebook application that allows users to see what’s being said on your fan page, and much more.

Wibiya also offers an easy-to-use plugin for various platforms, including a WordPress plugin, so you don’t have to do any dirty work to get the toolbar installed and working. I definitely recommend you check it out and try it out on some of your sites.