DirecTV Increasing Prices

Effective Feb. 10, 2011, DirecTV will be increasing the prices of all of its packages (with the exception of the Total Choice Mobile package, which will apparently experience a price reduction). The price increases appear to be minor (they seem to be about $2-3 per package), but they are increases, nonetheless. You can view the new pricing information on DirecTV’s website (PDF).

What Are You Watching and How Are You Watching It?

I’m curious to know what everyone is watching and how they’re watching it. Are you watching network television, standard cable/satellite channels, premium channels, DVDs? Are you actually sitting down and watching shows on TV when they’re on, or are you using a DVR? Are you streaming them from services like Hulu?

I’ve found recently that I rarely watch anything when it’s actually aired. Heroes is about the only appointment television in my life at this point. Occasionally, I will sit down and watch something just because it’s on, but I usually do about seven or eight other things at the same time.

I have tried using streaming services online, but my Internet connection doesn’t really lend itself to that. I do record a lot on my DVR (for the rare occasion that I actually get to use the TV that’s hooked to my DVR).

So, I’m curious – are people still watching TV when it airs? I’m curious what the impact has been over the last year or two on traditional television advertising.

A Guide to Buying a New Television

From a Dummy’s Perspective

Admittedly, I know very little about all of the technical aspects of new televisions or high-definition television (HDTV), but I did a good bit of research while trying to decide which television to buy. Hopefully this guide will help some other people with as little technical knowledge about new televisions as I have.

A New Season of Heroes

Heroes - Starts tonightI realize that I already posted today, but I wanted to make another post in honor of the new season of Heroes. I am really excited about season 3 starting tonight. I was really kind of disappointed in the way that season 2 ended earlier this year (most likely because of the writers strike), and am really looking forward to see what they’ll do with this season.

Apparently, the first hour tonight is going to be a recap of seasons 1 and 2, to try to draw people in that might not have watched in the past. That will be good for me, as I watched the show extremely haphazardly the first season. I really only started to get into it after Malcolm McDowell joined the cast. Of course, at that point, I was in the middle of moving out of our old place and into our new place, so I missed the last two episodes because I didn’t have any television connections.

Anyway, whether you’ve watched Heroes before or not, you really should check it out tonight. It’s a great show for geeks and non-geeks alike.

DirecTV versus Dish Network versus cable

When I first signed up for DirecTV, I did so rather begrudgingly. I hate signing long-term contracts for services, but I was truly tired of only having five networks from which to choose (we were only able to pick up NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC and three PBS channels – we didn’t even get UPN or the WB – which, in our area, consequently became MyNetwork and the CW, respectively).

However, I’ve actually become rather attached to the service over the last year or so. I like the all-digital network (which cost me more than twice what DirecTV is costing me when I had the digital cable service when I lived in a cable-ready house), with the built-in programming guide. I actually am at a loss for what to do when I turn on the television at someone else’s house, and I can’t just hit the “guide” button to see what’s on.