Boxing Helena – Linux Mint Releases Version 8

Yesterday, the team behind Linux Mint pushed out the latest version of their Linux-based operating system. Linux Mint 8, codenamed “Helena,” is available for download as a live CD (the “Main” edition) or as a live DVD (the “Universal” edition, which includes support for quite a few different languages, but does not include pre-installed codecs for protected formats like commercial DVD movies) from the Linux Mint Web site. You can also view a list of the new items and features in Linux Mint 8.

Unfortunately, this is only the 32-bit Gnome version of the system, so those of you looking for the 64-bit version (like me) or looking for a different desktop manager (KDE, XFCE, etc.) will have to wait a while longer before those upgrades are available.

MintInstall Ready For Testing

MintInstall, one of the many features that sets Linux Mint apart from it’s brother Ubuntu, has been updated and improved. Clem, the founder and principle programmer behind Linux Mint announced yesterday that he’s created a DEB file for people to begin installing the new program and testing it.

If you are a user of Linux Mint, you should go ahead and download the new version of MintInstall. If you’re not a user of Linux Mint, you should be. :)

Linux Mint 7 Released

The team behind Linux Mint has released the latest version of the light, simple, powerful operating system. Linux Mint Gloria is based on the newest version of Ubuntu and includes most of the updates and new features included in that release. In addition, it includes a lot of great new Minty goodness, including an updated version of the MintMenu, MintInstall, MintUpdate, MintUpload and more. A rundown of the new features can be found on the Linux Mint Web site.

Linux Mint “Felicia” RC1

The team that puts together Linux Mint announced the other day the first release candidate of Linux Mint 6, which they are calling “Felicia”.

I have not yet downloaded or tested Felicia, as I will most likely wait for the “upgrade tool” they plan to release to make it easier to upgrade Elyssa to Felicia.

I am impressed with the list of new features, but am a bit on the fence as to whether they are really enough to be a new landmark release. I am very interested to see how the new version performs, though.

Linux Mint Available for 64-bit Computers

Linux Mint has now released a 64-bit version of Linux Mint 5 Elyssa. For some reason, when Linux Mint 5 was initially released, the 64-bit version was not ready for release. Instead, the team seems to have worked exclusively on the 32-bit version first, then finished up what needed to be done on the 64-bit version once that was done.

The team has said in their blog that they will be releasing the 64-bit versions concurrently from now on.

They are looking for feedback from users that have been using the 32-bit version to see if the 64-bit version works faster and better, like it should. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to download the installation disc and replace my Mint installation with the 64-bit version, soon.