WinSplit Revolution – Split Your Monitor

WinSplit LogoHaving picked up a 30″ LCD monitor at work and having finally gotten my dual-head configuration working, I found myself in a situation where I wanted to split my screen into equal sections so that I could work on many various things at once. Browsing the Web with my browser maximized on the 30″ screen was rather silly (since most sites I visit are developed with a fixed-width design, they only fill up a tiny portion of my screen). Instead, it made much more sense to divide my screen into four equal regions and have at least four different programs open in the corners of the screen.

Getting tired of trying to manually resize my windows and move them around, I started searching for a program that might make it a little easier. Ideally, I was looking for a program that would split my screen into four equal sections, then “dock” the applications in those sections so that I could drag the corners and have them snap in place.