Sun Relases Three New Versions of VBox In Two Weeks

On Sept. 2, 2008, Sun released VirtualBox 1.6.6. Then, two days later, version 2.0 was released. Finally, just over one week later, they put out version 2.0.2.

I’m not quite sure what was the reasoning behind releasing three new versions in less than two weeks, but I’m glad I wasn’t paying much attention. I would have been kind of upset if I had upgraded my version three times in that short amount of time.

Regardless, if you’re using an older version of VirtualBox, go ahead and upgrade.

VirtualBox 2.0x added the ability to run 64-bit guests (assuming you’re running a 64-bit OS as your host), along with a lot of other new features. As far as I can tell, VBox 2.0.2 basically featured about 10-15 bug fixes from v2.0.