Facebook Offers New Tools To Higher Education

Facebook announced last week that they will soon be unveiling new features for colleges (and other organizations) to help build public profiles for those institutions. While, on the surface, it seems like it might be a good initiative, I have to wonder how effective it will really be. Are prospective students actually still using Facebook? I have heard a lot of grumblings about the fact that older people have taken over Facebook (I’m guilty) and that the younger people are moving on to other platforms.

If they are still using Facebook, would they really seek information about potential colleges there? I have seen quite a bit of research on how students searched for information about the colleges they considered before making a decision, but most of that research is obsolete by the time it’s published. I’m curious if students really use Facebook or other social networking platforms to find information about schools. If they do, do they even consider any official information from the school, or do they just seek out other people that have “heard about” the school?

What are your thoughts?

One Response

  • In accordance with Facebook, above 62 million active users regard the website home. It averages about 250,000 new registrations each day, and in every 6 months the active users get doubled in number. More than 12,000 applications are already built on the Facebook Platform.

    Facebook possesses the potential to be one of the finest marketing tools for any higher education institution. Due to its simple and widget design, one need not be a graphic designer to build an impressive presence on Facebook as it does not really permit much wiggle room in this respect. The greatest warning is not to spend much time endeavoring to overdo it.