Conferences and Me

This is just a quick post to say that I went to a pretty good conference today. I am rarely able to find conferences that are worthwhile for me, but today I happened upon one.

Generally, being that I am a Web developer, I find that conferences are skewed away from my particular interests. For example, I was looking at a conference that is supposed to occur this month. The conference itself is a 5-day event in Nashville with over 100 different sessions.

Unfortunately, however, all but one session is skewed toward either IT professionals or faculty. Only one single session is geared toward Web developers. It’s hardly worth the extravagant cost of admission to go to a conference like that.

As I said, I am a Web developer. I am not an IT professional, nor am I really a marketing professional. Unfortunately, though, 99% of the “Web conferences” I have looked at are geared toward one of those types of people. Very few are geared towards those of us working on developing the Web sites.

Today, though, I was able to network with some good individuals and was able to participate in a roundtable discussion about dealing with Web 2.0 interfaces like MySpace, Facebook and SecondLife.

2 Responses

  • allen

    uhm – curtiss – which conference was it!

  • It was the fall conference for the College Communicators Association of Virginia and Washington, DC.

    I was there with PR and mktg, Web, graphic design, etc. professionals from basically all of the colleges in Virginia, including Virginia Tech, UVA, the rest of the community colleges in Va., etc.