Blog Spammers Must Work Day Jobs

Over the last few weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that the idiots that spam blog comment areas must work day jobs. I noticed a huge upwards trend in the amount of spam we receive on this particular blog during the winter holiday break, and have noticed spikes each weekend afterwards.

During weekdays, we seem to receive somewhere around 30-50 spam comments each day. However, on the weekends, that number triples or even quadruples. It is a very strange phenomenon.

I am curious, though, why they even bother spamming sites such as this one, since the comments have to be approved by an administrator before they are published. You would think they would eventually learn that their comments are not getting through our filters, and just quit posting altogether. I guess that’s just too much to hope for, though.

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  • allen

    i agree – its amazing to clean out the spam at 9am and see a whole page of it by 5pm – with human labor so cheap in other countries – why not just hire them to do it?

    its like an infomercial – one purchase makes it worth it – and clearly some of the spam comments make it through :(