An Idea for Media Players

I was thinking the other day about a really cool feature I would like to see in media player software. It’s possible that the feature already exists in some media player software, and I’m just not aware.

I think it would be very neat to have the ability to play something on my computer while I’m plugged in; then continue playing the same thing on my digital media player when I unplug it from my computer.

Basically, let’s say that I’m listening to a specific playlist on Winamp, Windows Media Player or Amarok. While I’m doing so, I’ve got my Zune plugged in to my computer (although, since none of those actually work with the Zune, this would be more likely to work with a different digital media player like an iPod or a Zen). Then, when it’s time for me to leave the house, I could simply unplug my Zune, push a single button, and continue playing the same playlist where I left off on my computer.

To come at it from a different direction, imagine that I’m watching a full-length movie on my computer. About 45 minutes into the movie, I get a call and have to head out of the house. With this idea, I could unplug my Zune and continue watching the movie exactly where I stopped watching it on my computer.

Has anyone been able to do anything like this with the right combination of portable digital media player and media player software on their computer? If so, what did you use?

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