User Interviews – Analysis Simplified

You’ve conducted the interviews – enlightening weren’t they? It’s now time to put all that information that’s in your head down on paper, and pull it all together into a complete picture.

This article follows on from our previous article which gave tips on how to conduct the interviews themselves. Here we give you some possible techniques to use whilst analysing your interviews, helping mould your results into something tangible.

Form your findings into a narration

After interviews you’ll find that you’ve lots of interesting thoughts and ideas bouncing around your head, but probably in no clear structure. The results will be much easier to understand and convey to others if they are ordered into a clear narration.

Interview with Brightegg CEO Jim Kieffer

BrighteggLast week, Brightegg announced a private label CMS option. Last month I had the chance to speak with Brightegg CEO Jim Kieffer who provided some background on what Brightegg is. Below are my notes.

Brightegg provides templates and hosting to easily create a Web site. It appears to target small businesses where the owner isn’t ready to hire a Web developer and/or designer but is looking for a cookie-cutter approach and a few clicks and they are live online.

Jim noted that they are building a strong designer community by allowing designers to earn a revenue share on any of the “premier”┬áthemes purchased on Brightegg. The share is 50/50 and there are free designs to select from as well. If you select a premier theme, you can select exclusivity as well. The exclusive custom themes start at $699 with non-exclusive starting at $199.