Networking Vista with XP

You may have heard a lot of horror stories about trying to network a new Vista machine with your old XP machines, and you may have even tried it on occasion with no joy.  I know I had.

However, this time around, I was determined to get it working properly.  I, once again, Googled for articles explaining how to network the two machines.  This time, however, I was able to find a somewhat recent article on the subject (in the past, the majority of the articles I came up with were written when Vista was still in its beta stages).  I followed the steps in the article and was 95% of the way to having my two computers networked together successfully.

The last two pieces of the puzzle for me, however, were: 1) setting the correct permissions on my Vista files and folders and 2) configuring my Norton 360 firewall to allow the networking to happen.

Reformatting a Computer is a Tedious Process

About a week ago, my parents provided me with the recovery discs that originally came with the eMachines computer they gave my family last year.  The computer has been running dreadfully slowly since they gave it to us, and it’s been getting worse by the week.

Of course, the kids are the main users of the computer, so I’m sure it’s become chock full of all kinds of tracking cookies, spyware, adware and everything else from the various things they try to download.  Therefore, I decided to completely reconfigure the computer, starting with the recovery disc.

I backed up the handful of files that were on the computer that I needed, and then restarted with the recovery disc in the drive.

Windows Vista – My Review

So, I’m finally ready to write a review of Windows Vista. After buying a new computer a few months ago, and playing with Vista quite a bit, I feel I can wrtie a decent overview of the pros and cons that come along with it.

I will be forthright in saying that I am not a huge fan of Microsoft. If I could get along in the business world without having to use Microsoft products, I would be perfectly happy working directly through a Linux build and working entirely with free, open-source software.

That said, I have been a Microsoft user for over 20 years. I have been using Microsoft products since the days when DOS was the main operating system for PC users. I have quite a bit of experience in Windows, and have used Windows 3.1, Windows 98 (and SE), Windows ME and Windows XP extensively. I have fooled around with Windows Server 2000 and a few other MS operating systems. With all that said, I hope you will recognize that I am being as objective as possible.