iPhone Firmware 3.1.2 Released

On Thursday, Apple released the 3.1.2 version of the iPhone firmware. The new release supposedly fixes a major bug found in version 3.1 that caused the iPhone to fall asleep and not wake up, requiring the user to reset the phone in order to get it working again. The update also supposedly fixes a video streaming issue (I never noticed this issue) and some cellular connectivity issues.

There is no word as to whether or not this update will address the battery problems iPhone users have been experiencing since the 3.1 update or not.

Internet Explorer 8 Released

Microsoft publicly released the “final” version of Internet Explorer 8, today. Hopefully this will help decrease the amount of users still plodding along with IE6 and convince them to upgrade to either IE7 or IE8. One the main Web site for which I am responsible, IE6 users still make up nearly 25% of our visitors.

If you haven’t already, head on over to Microsoft’s Web site and download IE8. Hopefully IETester will be updated with the final version, soon.

WordPress 2.7 Released

About two weeks ago, the WordPress team released version 2.7 “Coltrane.” The administration area has been completely revamped. The dashboard in the admin panel puts a lot more at your fingertips, and the navigation menu in the admin panel makes a lot more sense, now.

Another great feature, which I’m testing right now, is the “QuickPress.” “QuickPress” allows you to quickly and easily post a blog item directly from the admin dashboard.

Another nice new feature in 2.7 is the plugin manager. You can now search and install plugins directly from within the admin area. If you can’t find the plugin you want by searching from the admin panel, you can also download the ZIP file from the WordPress Web site and use the admin interface to upload the ZIP file and automatically install the extension.

Check it out at http://www.wordpress.org/

OpenSuSE 11.1 Released Today

Yesterday, the folks over at OpenSuSE.org announced that the latest version of OpenSuSE will be released today at 13:00 GMT (which translates to 8 a.m. today). If you are a fan of OpenSuSE, or are interested in Linux, you should check it out.

I’m definitely going to download the release when I get to work this morning and install it on VirtualBox. I’ll have to see how it performs before deciding whether or not to replace Mandriva 2009 with OpenSuSE 11.1 as my third operating system (the other two being Windows Vista Home Premium and Linux Mint Elyssa) on my home computer.

YaBB 2.3 Released – Important Security Patch, Too

Two days ago, the YaBB team put out yet another update to the indomitable forum software. YaBB 2.3 includes quite a few great feature additions, listed below. In addition, the new update adds a lot of bug fixes.

If you downloaded this package already, the team actually released a critical patch for the software today, so be sure to update your installation.

Here are the documented new features in the software:

Feature Additions:

1. Quick Reply Advanced Edition
2. Reverse Post in Topic Advanced Edition
3. YaBB Backup
4. Top of Page Button
5. Pie Charts for Polls
6. Showcase Poll
7. Preselected Smilies
8. Category Pictures
9. Image Resize
10. Multi-Attachments
11. Avatar Uploader
12. Split/Splice Advanced
13. Expand/Collapse Advanced
14. New Members E-Mail Notification (to Admin)
15. Extended Profiles
16. Spell Checker

If you are a fan of YaBB, be sure to download and install the newest version. However, because there were a few immediate bug fixes and one critical patch released today, I would recommend waiting until tomorrow to download the latest package, ensuring that your version includes the critical patch.

Congrats to the YaBB team for continuing to get things done.

Zune 3.0 Is Here

I realize I’m a little late to the party, as it’s been a few days since I’ve synced my Zune. However, Zune 3.0 is here. In addition to two new hardware models from Microsoft, those of us that already own Zunes (the original devices and the 2.0 devices) get to reap the benefits of the software/firmware update.