Great OAuth tutorials for HTML5 applications

Applications we build are more and more dependent on 3rd party data sources. And as Internet of things continues to grow, this fact becomes even more stronger.

It allows us to create great experiences for the app end users by presenting them data gathered from across the Internets. But at the same time we have to spend more time ensuring that our applications are consuming all this data securely and they only get access to the data they need. OAuth protocol was designed and developed for this exact reason.

New Google Site Offers Tips to Web Developers

GoogleGoogle has unveiled yet another new site in its repertoire. This one, simply called Google Doctype, is a wiki intended to collect any and all Web development tips and tutorials. I found the news in the lifehacker blog.  While the wiki is not nearly as complete as w3schools, it does already include quite a bit of good information. I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before it blossoms into a huge resource for Web developers, be they hobbyists or professionals.  You can check out the new site at  The design of the Google Doctype site is still very bland, and I’m not sure if Google has any plans to spruce it up.