Microsoft Releases Vista SP2

This week, Microsoft finally released the second service pack for Windows Vista on Windows Update. The new pack apparently includes quite a few improvements and bugfixes. The most noticeable one, for me, is the fact that thumbnail rendering finally works properly. Although Microsoft denied that this was a bug in Vista for years (claiming it was a bug in the ffmpeg codec, instead), the new service pack appears to have fixed the issue.

Windows Explorer no longer crashes when you have thumbnails enabled, meaning that you don’t need to use an external program like Adobe Bridge to view thumbnails of your photos and videos any more.

What other improvements and fixes have you noticed in the new service pack?

Vista Service Pack 1

Apparently, Microsoft released the public version of the first service pack for Windows Vista about two weeks ago (it seems a beta was initially released in August or September of last year). Although I have my computer set to automatically check for and install updates every night, my box, for some reason, did not pick this one up on its own.

Instead, when I came home from work the other day, I found that my computer had “recovered from an unexpected shutdown”. When I clicked on the link to check for solutions, I was informed that the problem should be fixed with Vista Service Pack 1.