edUI Conference 2010 – Call for Proposals

The official “Call for Proposals” has been issued by edUI. If you’ve got something to share with a group of Web professionals from colleges, universities, libraries and other educational institutions, please consider submitting a proposal. Following is some information about the call for proposals.

We seek dynamic speakers willing to share their knowledge and expertise about Web design, user experience design and development. Preference is given to presentations that offer practical methods and ready-to-use techniques and tools.

  • Have you completed an innovative Web project at your institution that you want to tell others about?
  • Are you enthusiastic about introducing new technologies and techniques to other Web professionals?
  • Do you want to share your ideas about user experience design and development?
  • Are you ready to add something exciting to your CV or resume?

I Thought I Was a Geek

I thought I was a geek, but I’ve got nothing on Bernie Peng.  You may have read his story on any of a number of news sites (CNN, Yahoo!, The Chicago Sun-Times, etc.).  Bernie Peng spent an entire month hacking his girlfriend’s favorite video game: Bejeweled.

Why did he do it?  So it would pop the question for him, of course.  He programmed the game to ask her to marry him once she reached a certain score.

I guess it’s a good thing they didn’t break up between the time he finished hacking the game and when she reached that score.