Are Teens Using Twitter?

I see so many different blog posts telling me that teenagers just are not using Twitter. In my own house, this holds true. My teenage kids are still using MySpace almost exclusively, popping onto Facebook every once in a while just to make sure they didn’t miss anything. However, I also live in an area of the country where there are almost as many teens without a computer in their house as there are with. The fact that we have two computers (three if you count my work laptop) is virtually unheard of in our area.

I have to wonder how much of this “teens don’t use Twitter” stuff really is true and how much is based on inaccurate or misinterpreted data. Looking at my followers, and their followers, I see quite a few teens using Twitter and they are doing so extremely frequently.

My thoughts on the matter are as follows:

  1. There are quite a few teenagers using Twitter.
  2. Twitter doesn’t ask for your birthdate, so how are we tracking the data of teenagers that use or don’t use the service?

I honestly do believe that there are not nearly as many teenagers using Twitter as there are using Facebook or MySpace. But, to say they’re not using it at all is preposterous. There are quite a few reasons for teenagers ignoring Twitter in droves, though.

Another innovative way to promote music

Celldweller, an artist I have followed for close to 15 years, through multiple aliases, has come up with another innovative way to promote his music. In partnership with a group called trueAnthem, along with video game publisher ubiSoft, is giving away 16 free tracks from various sources, including his debut album from the Celldweller project, fan remix contests and his forthcoming sophomore release.

For those of you that don’t know, Celldweller is just one of many projects/alias for a man generally known as Klayton or Klay Scott. For a while, he was known as Scott Albert (possibly his birthname, although confirmed biographical details are extremely difficult to come by), Buka, Dred, Circle of Dust, and many more. He has collaborated with many different artists from all walks of life. Some notable collaborators on his various projects include Tommy Victor of Prong — Prong is now signed on Klayton’s “fixt” record label — Mark Solomon of Outer Circle, The Crucified and Stavesacre, Living Sacrifice, Klank, Criss Angel and many more. He has been credited with inspiring other great industrial artists including Stabbing Westward.

He has provided music for countless video game and motion picture soundtracks (including the Spiderman movies), the theme song for MTV Sports, the three-part (over three hours of music) soundtrack to Criss Angel’s live “Angel Dust” (a combination of Angel’s last name and the last word in Klayton’s original project Circle of Dust) stage show, much of the music from season one of Mindfreak (Criss Angel’s TV show), and so much more.