Mandriva 2009.0 Released

A little less than three weeks ago, the Mandriva team announced the official release of Mandriva 2009.0. I downloaded the “One” live disc the other day, and, after a few minor issues (a blank screen on boot¬†and some issues getting my hard drives backed up) I got the OS installed tonight.

At first glance, the new version looks nice. It will be interesting to see if Mandriva’s decision to hold off on KDE4 until this release will prove wiser than the inclusion of KDE4 in OpenSuSE’s previous version. I haven’t really kept track of what improvements have been made to KDE4 over the last six or eight months, but I am hoping they are significant.

Linux Distro Reviews – Mandriva 2008.1

Mandriva Linux logoThis will be my second review of popular Linux distributions. This time, I will be taking a look at Mandriva 2008.1.

Mandriva is a distribution that is built with KDE as its main desktop environment. This particular version comes packaged with KDE 3.