Customize Your WordPress Admin Area

Have you ever wanted to customize the administrative area within a WordPress installation? Maybe you want to change some of the terms used within the menus (such as changing the word “Posts” to “Articles” or something). Maybe you want to change the color scheme. Maybe you want to add some custom help text or a new box to the Dashboard.

Is there no originality left in the world?

It seems that I am seeing more and more news and posts about plagiarized songs. You can’t go to the movie theaters and watch an original movie any more. With a few very rare exceptions (Metalocalypse, for one), television is a vast wasteland of unoriginal, uninspired ideas. Web sites (especially the news sites) all look the same nowadays.

With all this rehashing and regurgitating of ideas, why should logos be any exception? They’re not. Here are a few posts (anyone catch the irony in this post?) detailing some of the more aggregious logo copies (not all of them are actually ripoffs, but they still look strikingly similar):