Styling a Definition List Nicely

Definition lists (dl) can be somewhat of a bear when trying to style them nicely. Because of the fact that the term/definition sets don’t have any kind of wrappers, you can’t successfully and reliably float them to place the terms on the left and the definitions on the right (however, once CSS2 and CSS3 selectors become more widely supported, you should be able to get more control).

However, you can do some nice things with definition lists. This article will show two examples of how definition lists could be used on your site and how to style them nicely.

Seesmic Desktop Adds Support for Twitter Lists

Seesmic Desktop adds Twitter listsAmong the Twitter clients I occasionally use, Seesmic Desktop is the first to add support for Twitter lists. At this time, the lists feature is only available to those that are subscribed the Seesmic mailing list, but the are available and appear to be working. I suspect it won’t be long before we see the public release of this version of Seesmic.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing some of the other popular Twitter clients for desktops and mobile phones begin to release versions that support Twitter lists. On the other hand, I have to admit that I don’t yet understand all of the hype over Twitter lists.