Tipsy – Nice, Simple jQuery Tooltips

Today, I found a nice little script called Tipsy. Tipsy, by default, pulls the text from the “title” attribute of any HTML element and turns it into a nicely styled tooltip. The script is easy to configure and offers some nice customization options.

If you would prefer to display an attribute other than the title, you can actually choose any attribute or even indicate custom text to be displayed. You can set the tooltip to display on top of, underneath, to the right or to the left of the element being hovered over. You can even tell Tipsy to dynamically decide which direction to display the tooltip, based on the current position of the element within the window.

If you’re looking for a nice, simple, attractive way to show tooltips on your page, I would highly recommend using Tipsy.

Using Google to Serve Up MooTools or JQuery

You’ll find a lot of tutorials online and various speed-testing tools that tell you to use a content distribution network (CDN) to serve up your images, style sheets and javascript files. When they say that, they’re referring to using cloud storage (a series of servers located across the world). CDN allows you to serve up your content locally to your visitors, making it quicker and easier for them to load your site.

Today, I discovered that Google actually provides a bunch of common javascript libraries, including MooTools, JQuery, Yahoo User Interface (YUI) and more, for free (though, they’ve apparently been doing so for at least a year). Instead of saving the javascript library to your own server and linking to it in that location, you simply link to the javascript files on Google’s server and it’s served up to all of your visitors from their CDN.