Microsoft Feeding the Hungry with IE8

Microsoft is making a philanthropic effort to get everybody running Internet Explorer 8. Apparently MS was already donating eight meals to a group called Feeding America for each copy of IE8 that’s downloaded from “Browser for the Better”. Downloads performed through the Windows Update process or downloaded from (or any other source, for that matter) will not count toward this initiative. According to the official press release from Microsoft, the program was initially scheduled to run from June 10 to Aug. 8, 2009.

However, “Browser for the Better” indicates that the program will continue through Sept. 30, 2009. In addition, in honor of Hunger Action month (which, I assume is the month of September), Microsoft will be donating a total of 16 meals to the cause every time someone scraps Internet Explorer 6 in favor of the new browser.

My Response to the IE8 Comparison Chart

Earlier today, Allen posted a story about Microsoft releasing a chart comparing IE8, Firefox 3 and Chrome (who knows which version). Following is my response to that chart. I would say that I’m disappointed not to see Safari included in this comparison, but since much of the comparison is spin and misinformation, there wouldn’t be much point.

Insert Text Into Textareas Using Javascript

The other day, I was working on a script to allow administrators to edit templates within the admin center of the content management system I’m developing. Rather than just using a plain textarea with the contents of the template files, I wanted to add some simple functions with javascript. First, I wanted to set it up so that the tab button would insert a tab rather than skipping to the next form field. Second, I wanted to add a list of the various template tags that can be used in the CMS, and allow the admins to click on one of those to insert it in the textarea.

Internet Explorer 8 Released

Microsoft publicly released the “final” version of Internet Explorer 8, today. Hopefully this will help decrease the amount of users still plodding along with IE6 and convince them to upgrade to either IE7 or IE8. One the main Web site for which I am responsible, IE6 users still make up nearly 25% of our visitors.

If you haven’t already, head on over to Microsoft’s Web site and download IE8. Hopefully IETester will be updated with the final version, soon.

Turn Off Internet Explorer

Well, as of Windows Vista, this still wasn’t really possible. Sure, there were hacks that allowed you to remove certain parts of IE, but they generally ended up breaking something else on your system.

However, in newer builds of the beta operating system Windows 7, Internet Explorer has been added to the “Add or Remove Windows Components” dialog, so it can be successfully uninstalled without killing your Windows system. I first read the news in a news article on Yahoo!, though the find was apparently actually made by two gentlemen named Bryant and Chris and were initially posted on each of their blogs.

While this sounds like good news, I just don’t see it making any kind of major dent in IE usage. After all, as long as IE continues to be the browser that comes pre-installed on Windows, it’s going to dominate and very few people are going to bother removing it.

Internet Explorer and “Quirks Mode”

A few years ago, someone at Microsoft had a brilliant idea to create something called “Quirks Mode” for Internet Explorer. The reasoning behind it is still a bit beyond me, but apparently it has to do with trying to make the browser render old Web sites the way they were initially intended to look. Basically, “quirks mode” turns all versions of IE into IE 4 (as it essentially attempts to render the page the way it would have been rendered with IE 4, ignoring quite a bit of CSS and XHTML).