Installing WordPress Through SSH

While it is possible to download a ZIP file with the source files for WordPress, unzip it on your computer and then upload the individual files to a client’s Web server, it is generally much easier (assuming the client’s Web server has SSH capabilities) to perform all of those tasks directly on the server. Following are instructions explaining how to do so. The first few steps of these instructions are written assuming that you are using a Windows computer, but the actions after connecting to SSH will be the same no matter which system you are using.

Why Don’t More Linux Distros Package DVDs?

With VirtualBox running very effectively on all of my computers, I decided to start looking into some alternative linux distributions. I am, admittedly, a SuSE fanboy. It was the first Linux distro I ever tried, and, excepting my limited usage of hosted servers running on other platforms, and attempting to use Sun Solaris 10, it’s the only *nix distro I’ve ever tried. I was so impressed with it from the start that I never looked back.

However, now that I’ve begun to look into other distros, I’ve found something that’s severely lacking, so far. It seems that SuSE is one of only a very small few that release full packages anymore. Everyone else seems to have one or two choices for installation media – a live disc or a minimal installation CD.