Advent Calendars for Geeks on the Web

Photo found on PaperLadyInvite’s Flickr stream (Creative Commons attribution at the bottom of this post).

Those of you familiar with religious Christmas-season (at least in the western hemisphere) traditions have probably heard of (and possibly even enjoyed) an Advent calendar a few times in your life. For those of you that don’t know about Advent or Advent calendars, here is a quick history, so you’ll understand the concept:

Advent is the season immediately prior to Christmas. It is a four-week event that begins on the Sunday that occurs four weeks before Christmas Day (so, this year, it began last Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009). Traditionally, there is a wreath that includes four candles (one for each Sunday between the start of Advent and Christmas Day). On the first Sunday of Advent, you light the first candle in the wreath. On the second Sunday, you light the first and second candles, etc.