Microsoft Offering 1000+ Free Songs

Microsoft has partnered with the independent music download site ReverbNation to offer more than 1,000 songs absolutely free. The only catch is that a Microsoft banner has been superimposed over the album artwork on each of the songs. Therefore, when you are listening to the song in a music player that displays album artwork, you will see the MS banner. That’s all there is to it.

You can head over to ReverbNation and download any or all of the songs you want. All of the songs are by independent artists trying to get their name out to the masses, but that doesn’t mean that they are all completely obscure. I was pleased to see that Celldweller (from whom I learned of this deal), Fishbone, the Lemonheads, UnderOath and quite a few other artists I enjoy were on the list. Each artist offers a single song for free.

The musical styles vary greatly, from pop to funk to hip hop to metal to folk and everything in between. No matter what kind of music you enjoy, I’m sure there’s a handful of songs available that will interest you. The tracks are available in M4A and MP3 formats.

Transitioning from Print to Web Design – A Free Book

In 2001, Jeffrey Zeldman wrote a book called Taking Your Talent to the Web. The book apparently offered some great advice on making the transition from designing for pring publication to Web design. The book is now available for free as a PDF from Zeldman’s Web site.

Drew, the “College Web Guy” (the Web designer for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock), had this to say about the book:

there was ONE book that ultimately served to jump start my career in web design. I carried that book in my big red car for an entire semester, highlighting and sticky-noting and referencing it like a sacred text.

Check it out, and let us know what you think of the book.

Another innovative way to promote music

Celldweller, an artist I have followed for close to 15 years, through multiple aliases, has come up with another innovative way to promote his music. In partnership with a group called trueAnthem, along with video game publisher ubiSoft, is giving away 16 free tracks from various sources, including his debut album from the Celldweller project, fan remix contests and his forthcoming sophomore release.

For those of you that don’t know, Celldweller is just one of many projects/alias for a man generally known as Klayton or Klay Scott. For a while, he was known as Scott Albert (possibly his birthname, although confirmed biographical details are extremely difficult to come by), Buka, Dred, Circle of Dust, and many more. He has collaborated with many different artists from all walks of life. Some notable collaborators on his various projects include Tommy Victor of Prong — Prong is now signed on Klayton’s “fixt” record label — Mark Solomon of Outer Circle, The Crucified and Stavesacre, Living Sacrifice, Klank, Criss Angel and many more. He has been credited with inspiring other great industrial artists including Stabbing Westward.

He has provided music for countless video game and motion picture soundtracks (including the Spiderman movies), the theme song for MTV Sports, the three-part (over three hours of music) soundtrack to Criss Angel’s live “Angel Dust” (a combination of Angel’s last name and the last word in Klayton’s original project Circle of Dust) stage show, much of the music from season one of Mindfreak (Criss Angel’s TV show), and so much more.