iCheckMovies – What Movies Have You Watched?

The other day, one of my Friendfeed friends posted a link to a new site called iCheckMovies. I popped on over and signed up for an account to see what it’s all about. I love the idea of being able to keep track of movies I’ve watched, share them with others and keep a list of the ones I want to see. For a while, I tried to use Flixter on Facebook to do the same thing (and I think it still has potential, but there’s so much else going on both on Facebook and in the Flixter app, that it’s hard to concentrate).

Basically, the service allows you to search their database of movies and indicate whether or not you’ve seen the film. You can then indicate if a movie is one of your favorites or if you disliked the movie. If you haven’t seen a movie, you can add it to a “watch list” indicating that you want to see it in the future. Apparently, once you’ve entered enough data, iCheckMovies will even begin recommending movies that you should see. You can even go directly to the movie’s page on Amazon so you can buy it right away.