Zune 3.0 Is Here

I realize I’m a little late to the party, as it’s been a few days since I’ve synced my Zune. However, Zune 3.0 is here. In addition to two new hardware models from Microsoft, those of us that already own Zunes (the original devices and the 2.0 devices) get to reap the benefits of the software/firmware update.

Zune Software Update – Zune 2.5

About a week ago, Microsoft released Zune 2.5, the latest update for the Zune media management software.  Apparently this software update adds in some functionality that was previously removed (smart playlists) and adds quite a bit of new functions.

Other than the addition of smart playlists, Zune 2.5 didn’t really add any functionality that I envision myself using very often.  I found a very good, accurate review of the new software and firmware on Paul Thurrott’s Web site.